Post Natal Services

Some of the benefits of post natal massage are:

    • Help to ease sore spots and relax muscle tension. The whole process of child birth has been a strain on your body, particularly your abdomen, lower back and hips. Your upper back might also be sore if you’re not breast feeding in a comfortable position.
    • Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, getting rid of the toxins. It also said to improve your recovery, well-being and immunity.
    • Reduce swelling by stimulating the lymphatic drainage that helps to remove excess fluids and waste products. Tissue stimulation can also help your body to shift water to the right places.
    • Make you feel relaxed. Massage encourages the body to release endorphins – the natural painkillers and feel good hormones secreted by the brain. It can also help you sleep better.
    • Speed up recovery from birth. Although if you had a caesarean, you’ll need to stay clear of your wound until it has healed. Learn about the precautions you need to take while getting  massages after a caesarean .

If nothing else, a postnatal massage will give you some time alone. The break will give you the strength to meet the many needs of your baby and home. Or it might help you unwind for a nap if your baby is sleeping too or being looked after by someone else during that time.

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