There’s nothing quite like a facial to make you feel and look great. Working with award-winning brands, our assortment of facials offer everything from a quick boost to something more intensive. We’ll cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate, and you’ll leave feeling lighter and brighter. 

Our facial treatments are specially tailored to suit your individual skin type and personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a nourishing treatment to alleviate dryness, a cleansing facial for the perfect clear skin ahead of a big event, or something to give you a quick glow, our facials will deliver visible results.

Our trusted brand, plus our partners Neals Yard Organics offer the finest of cosmetics using natural & organic ingredients in scientifically-proven formulas. Combined with the expertise of our facial therapist, you have the ultimate experience, where you can find something to cure every skin complaint. Uneven skin, lacklustre skin, aging and much more will be swiftly rectified and replaced with healthy, glowing, clear skin.

Try our Aquamarine Mermaid Facial for the illuminating and lifting benefits of facial massage, our Rose Quartz Unicorn Facial – a white tea active mask rich in minerals and super food elements – to detox and nourish stressed skin,  All of these and many more will transform your skin in one relaxing session.

Our powerful facials will hydrate and enrich the skin to the deepest level, delivering impressive results that last long after your treatment.

All facial treatments include hands free back massage & diagnostic, body brushing, deep breathing and a skin analysis to ensure they are tailored to your specific needs



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